Teen and Transgender Comparative Study

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Photographs by Charlie White

The series is a correlation of two stages of transformation, pairing teen girls (12-14) with like adult male-to-female transsexuals. In the images in White’s series, both figures are blossoming into womanhood, though each along a different path. As observers, however, we have been taught to view the subjects in much the same way: with sheer terror.

Andrew Womack, The Morning News

Kampf um Luzern.

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Betet, freie Schweizer, betet!

Every Picture Tells a Story #9

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Es ist fünf nach Drei.

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Jemandes Tochter.

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The tsunami effects of pornography on our culture are devastating, leaving in its wake a sea of wounded and crippled men and their families. […]

Three men and a husband and wife share their personal struggle with pornography confronting the lies and darkness of this addictive force with compelling honesty and hope. The DVD also contains four music videos and eight vignettes. The 55 minute bonus CD contains 9 original songs, stories, poetry, and scripture readings.

Source: http://somebodysdaughter.org/

Official Trailer:

Exercise vs. Exorcise

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Wake Up, Freak Out

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Wake Up, Freak Out HD cut from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

Every Picture Tells a Story #8

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What has oil done for You? 40 Years Oil Norway.

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Kitchen and Fi collaborated to create a micro-blogging experience for Norwegians to share oils impact on their lives.

New propaganda page for Oil Norway. (Agencies: FI & Kitchen).