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“Hi. I’m a dominant heterosexual sadistic female transvestite in my mid 20’s. These are things I think about when I masturbate. Jiller”

Source: The Jack Off Journals

Ice Cream.

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“Every child is absolute.
Dare not bias it or bind!
Give the seed fair play to shoot!
At maturity its mind
Shall perfect its proper fruit,
Self-determined, self-designed!”

Source: Aleister Crowley ”On the Education of Children” from The Revival of Magick

Cell Phone Kaos Magick.

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Weapon Training 3: Secret Ary.

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Peter McGough. Not an artist.

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For over 30 years, the art duo of Peter McGough and David McDermott have been living as though it’s the end of the 19th century. From a townhouse in the East Village they created their art by candlelight, lived without modern appliances and traveled through Manhattan on horseback complete with top hats and the finest couture from nearly a century ago.

I may add: Story of some rich pretentious art prick celebrating a glorious past that never existed.

Weapon Training 2: Hannah.

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“I have an 8 yr old daughter. She is beautiful with blond hair and green eyes. She is sweet and kind, she has always cared about others feelings. Recently a new child is beginning to appear. This child is still sweet and kind, only now she is always starring at herself in the mirror, and as she is starring she is also posing. Every time we look at her she is cocking her head to the side has her hand on her hip and smiling the most fake smile i have ever seen. She also has began to talk back and argue. she will slam her door shut when she is mad. My husband has threatened to take off her door.

My husband and I have talked about this and we have differing opinions. I think this is just her acting out, part of growing up, and part of being the middle child. I think she is just trying to find her place both in the family and in her world. Her daddy thinks that it is all Hannah Montana’s fault.

29_and holding @, on Fri Oct 3, 2008

“Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought it was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie.” She also said of the photo, “I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a skanky way.”

Ms. Cyrus had a different view in a prepared statement released on Sunday:

“I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about.”

New York Times, April 24th 2008

“On closer consideration, the phenomenon of Hannah Montana may reveal more about early 21st century corporate pop culture than Disney intends or consumers realize. I argue for an alternative critique of Hannah Montana.  What is assumed to be a liberatory discourse about “girl power” is in effect a new, insidious form of gender oppression. Hannah’s message of self-empowerment is accompanied by unabashed materialism, socioeconomic inequality, marginalization of people from non-dominant backgrounds and a strong sense of entitlement justified on the basis of a meritocratic myth. This phenomenon of pop culture demonstrates the unexamined conflation of democracy and free market economy.

Groundreport, Anne Glass for Socioquest July 29, 2009


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Weapon Training.

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We have nothing to say and we’re saying it: Ballad Of Genesis and Lady Jaye.

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“This film is about a transformation, a very unusual love story, addressing issues of identity, gender politics and artistic commitment. Through a labyrinthine mise-en-scène of interviews, home movies and performance footage, I hope to tell the story of what I believe to be a truly new kind of Romantic Consciousness, one in defiance of the daily dehumanization of the body by the pervasive presence of advertising and pornography, my attempt to convey beauty, dignity and devotion from a perspective most people will have never seen before on film.”

Genesis is desperatly trying to raise money for this project. Here’s how

Sherilyn Horne & Audrey Fenn: Postcards from the Ledge.

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Call me a bit obsessed, but ever since I started watching Twin Peaks again (oh my, it’s almost twenty years ago now since it aired for the first time), I’m more and more conviced that almost every actor of this absolutely brilliant TV series by Mark Frost and David Lynch has an after-fame life not a little bit less interesting.
This may be old news for you, but I’m still thrilled that I actually found out about actress Sherilyn Fenn’s weblog “Postcards From The Ledge”.

“Sherilyn… who?” you may ask.

Fenn played Audrey Horne, the weird yet incredibly smart and beautiful daughter of Benjamin Horne, owner of One Eyed Jack’s and the Great Northern Hotel. Apparently with Twin Peaks Sherilyn Fenn reached the climax of her career as an actress. Even though she’s still in business, she actually rarely made to the big screen. Which is in no way to say that being on a mainstream blockbuster says anything about acting skills. It’s just interesting to note that a major talent like her somehow got stuck in random TV show episodes, with CSI and Gilmore Girls being the most famous. Stuck in the middle of something, somewhere, somehow.

Anyway, in her latest blog entry, dated on Feb, 21, 2010 she writes:

I have been on a self imposed sabbatical…from technology, from life in some ways. I often times feel the need to do this. It is not calculated or planned at all. It just happens. I must also admit that drinking wine and smoking pot play a part.


I have learned so much from doing this blog. Especially from the comments and responses to it. After years of hiding and trying to be pretty, smart, famous…… I have never been more seen, heard and accepted. As I expose all my warts as honestly as I can. What an amazing verification. And how it flies in the faces of all that other bullshit. It is a sad when ones life is built with a house of cards. I build mine now brick by brick. I fear not the big bad wolf anymore, my house is almost complete.

(Source: Postcards From The Ledge)

What’s striking to me is that even though it’s totally obviously out of context and without any references to anything but personal matters, this diary entry could also have been written by You-Know-Who. It’s must be a nightmare to be constantly mistaken for a role one has played twenty years ago. And still –

Sometimes I Feel Like The World Is Not Dead. Yet.

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No, neither is dead, nor is your fellow host.

Though it might sometimes feel like the world is coming down on me and you and on those, I basically don’t care too much about.

Still, I guess it’s time to rethink everything. And if I say everything, I actually mean it. Thinking takes time. At least for me as I’m a faithful believer in deep thinking. And that’s exactly what I’m currently doing: Taking my time to think things over. Food for thought: what’s up with this blogging thing anyway? I mean, what do I want to write about and where? And why? And in what kind of layout, surrounding, environment, and state of mind? And for whom? Do I have to care for a target audience or do I simply dismiss it, since it doesn’t matter anyway?

But it does matter, it always does, and you know that by heart. Deep inside. So maybe let’s stop presenting, start pretending. Or vice versa. The owls and waiters are obviously not what they seem. When I started writing in public, way back around the millenium, I had an agenda. Consider this former agenda over/fulfilled/rendered to crap. People don’t, but interests change, and some of them actually are interesting enough to talk about – but maybe not here. Anyway, as stated: Thinking is complex and takes time.

Meanwhile: Think for yourself. Watch more porn. Listen to music that let your ears bleed. Question everything. Resist. Revolt. Repent. Quit your dayjob. Get a handjob. Then, burn cars. And pray for Richard Ramirez.

Hugs’n kisses,

Fabian /